Dental Team In Woodbridge, On Highlights The Importance Of Treatments That Enhance The Aesthetics Of The Smile

Dental Team In Woodbridge, On Highlights The Importance Of Treatments That Enhance The Aesthetics Of The Smile

At the Sabharwal Dental Group in Woodbridge and Toronto, ON, we understand people want appealing and beautiful smiles. While cosmetic dentistry is focused on the aesthetics of the smile, we notice several changes in patients’ lives after their treatments. One of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. We are happy to explain the teeth whitening treatments we offer and the importance of gorgeous smiles.


A beautiful smile can attract others to you. The smile is one of the first features people notice when meeting each other. Your smile can make a memorable first impression during an interview or on a first date. In addition to these benefits of an attractive smile, smiling releases endorphins, which naturally boost your mood. With so many reasons to smile, and keep it attractive, we are honored to help patients explore one of our many cosmetic treatments – teeth whitening.


Coffee, tea, cola, berries, and sauces can leave unwanted stains on the teeth. Over time, the smile can look dull, leaving one longing for a different look. At the Sabharwal Dental Group, we understand. Therefore, we offer two options for whitening the smile – in-office and at-home whitening.

During our in-office procedure, we protect the lips and gums from the bleaching agent. We will place gel onto the teeth and transform them from dull to bright in a single appointment. We ensure there is an understanding of how to keep the smile pearly white. This includes brushing at least twice a day, flossing before bedtime, and visiting our dental team at least twice a year. We recommend limiting the consumption of stain-causing foods and drinks and avoiding smoking.

If you would like to whiten your teeth at home, we can provide customized whitening trays and bleaching gel. We will provide instructions for achieving the same results as our in-office procedure. The trays should be worn daily. In a couple of weeks, you can count a smile several shades lighter.

The Sabharwal Dental Group cares about the health and beauty of your smile. To explore our teeth whitening treatments, schedule a consultation by calling our Woodbridge office at (844) 432-0770 or Toronto office at (844) 818-0224 today.


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