Patients Seek A Dentist In Woodbridge Who Offers Root Canal Treatment

Patients Seek A Dentist In Woodbridge Who Offers Root Canal Treatment

Many patients are seeking a dentist who will help them keep their smiles healthy and attractive. At Sabharwal Dental Group, we have a team of dentists who do all they can to encourage good oral hygiene and healthy habits. Our team encourages brushing at least twice a day, flossing before bedtime, and maintaining dental check-ups at least every six months. Despite the best oral hygiene practices, mouth trauma can lead to tooth infection. When a tooth has become infected, we can often save it with a root canal. Our patients can schedule an appointment with one of our caring dentists who is skilled in performing root canals at any of our three clinics in Toronto and Woodbridge.

A root canal is highly effective at eliminating the pain caused by a throbbing or constant toothache, abscessed tooth, or sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages. The dentist can save the natural tooth; one of the primary reasons this treatment is recommended. In addition, the dentist can keep the natural tooth intact as much as possible.

Before performing a root canal, the tooth and surrounding area is numbed with local anesthetic. After ensuring the patient is comfortable and relaxed, the procedure is performed. The dentist will use a high powered dental microscope to view the fine anatomical detail present in a tooth’s pulp complex. Once the canals have been mechanically cleaned of diseased tissue, special sterilizing solution is applied to irrigate the root canal complex. The dentist will place special endodontic filling material into the canals to seal them and prevent entry of bacteria. After the procedure, the tooth is protected with a customized dental crown.

Patients enjoy many benefits of root canals: the restored ability to bite and chew without pain and the restored ability to enjoy hot and cold foods and beverages without experiencing prolonged sensitivity. The Sabharwal Dental Group loves to see patients smile; however, we understand it is difficult to smile when they have painful toothaches. To explore root canal treatment, schedule a consultation by calling by calling our Toronto clinic at (416) 763-3368, or Vaughan clinic at (905) 893-3368.


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