From whiter teeth to a healthier body, enjoy the many advantages of dental cleaning in Woodbridge, ON

From whiter teeth to a healthier body, enjoy the many advantages of dental cleaning in Woodbridge, ON

The fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to put the beauty back in your smile isn’t teeth bleaching. It’s a professional cleaning by West Vaughan Dental’s skilled hygienists! A whiter and brighter smile is one of many advantages of dental cleaning in Woodbridge, ON at the office of Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal. Your trusted dental practice’s tools and expertise help to maintain the health of your teeth and gums (and confidence-boosting fresh breath) and minimize your risk of developing seemingly unrelated conditions: cardiovascular disease and stroke.

You may be wondering: “I clean my teeth at home. Why do I need to visit the dentist for cleanings?”

Sabharwal Dental Group’s hygienists are trained on how to properly and effectively use specialized dental instruments. Only these dental instruments can remove tartar. Plaque constantly forms in your mouth. When plaque isn’t removed by your brush or floss, it hardens into tartar, which inflames the gums and allows decay to flourish – the primary causes of tooth loss.

This all-important service accompanies an exam of your teeth, gums, mouth, and surrounding tissues. Usually scheduled at six-month intervals, recall appointments are the foundation of preventive care. Dr. Sabharwal detects early-stage symptoms of conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay. Often, early symptoms are “silent,” so patients may think their mouth is healthy because they don’t have a toothache, sensitivity, bleeding, or other changes. Detecting and treating early dental disease is associated with less time-consuming, traumatic, and costly conservative treatment that maintains the most lifelike appearance, feel, and function because natural tooth structure is preserved.

Routine recall visits are great opportunities to inform and empower your home care. By showing you techniques and products to improve your oral hygiene, Sabharwal Dental Group helps to keep your mouth healthy and smile beautiful between appointments. Brushing and flossing each day is just a start. How you clean your mouth matters. Ask yourself:

  • Am I brushing for at least two minutes twice daily? Rushing leaves behind plaque. In fact, studies have found people who brushed for two minutes removed almost twice as much plaque as those who brushed for a minute.
  • Do I brush my tongue, gums, and palate? These areas harbor decay-producing bacteria.[call]
  • Am I flossing every day? It’s estimated “brushers-only” miss more than one-third of each tooth’s surface.
  • Do I floss correctly? You don’t have to snap or be aggressive with your flossing to be effective. Just like brushing, floss gently, thoroughly, and consistently. Otherwise, you risk damaging delicate tissues or triggering tooth sensitivity.
  • Am I using the right floss? There are many different types of products. Sabharwal Dental Group may recommend products that work better than “standard” floss for your needs; for instance, to better clean under bridges. It’s also important to use enough floss – at least 18 inches so you’re not reusing a segment and spreading or relocating bacteria.

Professional cleanings reinforce good home care regimens. More frequent cleanings may be recommended if you’re at heightened risk of developing gum disease. Risk factors include advanced age, which is often associated with damaging dry mouth, the presence of medical conditions like diabetes, or the use of certain medications that are also associated with dry mouth. Patients who smoke or use other tobacco products may also require cleanings more frequently.

Enjoy a healthy smile!

Image of a young lady smilling with showing her Brighter teeth

Before your mouth can feel its fresh best, one of Sabharwal Dental Group’s skilled hygienists looks for signs of inflammation, oral cancers, and other concerns. If an issue is suspected, Dr. Sabharwal examines your mouth to make sure it’s OK to proceed with cleaning. Patients who generally practice consistent and thorough home care won’t experience pain during cleaning, but if you lapse on hygiene, there may be some discomfort or sensitivity. Your hygienist may apply topical numbing agents for added comfort.

Once plaque and tartar are removed from around the gums and between the teeth, a specialized brush gently scrubs and polishes for a deep clean. At this stage, patients love that refreshing sensation of clean. To remove leftover plaque or toothpaste, hygienists floss thoroughly between your teeth and gums. Immediately afterward, you may be surprised by how much whiter your teeth look – no bleaching or veneers required! Cleanings effectively remove built-up stains. Those around you also appreciate your fresh breath. Cleanings prevent the bacteria that cause persistent bad breath. Over the longer term, you’re avoiding the gum inflammation that is linked to other serious medical conditions, such as heart disease.

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