Woodbridge, ON dentist provides patients with a quick and effective root canal treatment process

Woodbridge, ON dentist provides patients with a quick and effective root canal treatment process

What’s the dental procedure that the thought of makes you shudder? If you asked around, most people would say root canal treatment sends chills down their spines. Most people are afraid of getting a root canal, as they perceive it as something that is time intensive and very painful. Neither of these perceptions are true! West Vaughan Dental, serving the Woodbridge, ON area, helps patients realize that root canal treatment process is not painful, and is instrumental in saving the natural tooth, versus the alternative of tooth extraction and dentures or bridges. We provide you with an efficient and comfortable treatment for every procedure, including root canals.

What a root canal is:

Root canal therapy, also called endodontic treatment, is a procedure that involves removing the diseased or damaged pulp at the core of the tooth. The pulp chamber and root canals in the tooth are then filled and sealed to prevent further infection.


Reasons endodontic treatment is needed:

  • Decay: If tooth decay works its way into the pulp chamber of the tooth, it can lead to an infected tooth. If decay is the reason a root canal is needed, leaving it untreated can lead to further issues, such as bone loss. That’s why it’s very important to see your dentist at the first sign of any problems and for routine cleanings and check-ups!
  • Old metal fillings: Amalgam fillings can shrink over time, which can lead to decay under the filling.
  • Tooth fracture: If your tooth develops a hairline crack in it, bacteria can enter the pulp area of your tooth, which can inflame the nerve or infect the tooth.
  • Trauma: Sometimes, decay from normal wear and tear, old metal fillings, or a tooth fracture is not what creates a need for root canal therapy. If you were hit in the mouth at any point in your lifetime, it can lead to future problems with the pulp chambers of your teeth. Car accidents, sports injuries, falling in a way that snaps your teeth together, or work-related injuries can all contribute to future problems.

What a root canal procedure is:

Dr Sabharwal Explains What A Root Canal Procedure Is
  • First, an X-ray is used to determine the shape of your root canals. At that time, we will also use the X-ray as an opportunity to explore whether there is any other infection in the bone surrounding your tooth.
  • Before the root canal procedure, we use local anesthetic to numb the area.
  • The tooth is then opened. The pulp, bacteria, decayed nerve tissue and any other debris is cleaned from the tooth.
  • After your tooth is thoroughly cleaned out, we will fill the interior with sealant to help avoid future infections. We then use a crown to cover the tooth. This is done to restore strength, functionality, looks, and to prevent future infection in that tooth.

What makes Sabharwal Dental Group a great place for you

  • Our warm and welcoming environment: We have worked hard to create a place that makes patients feel comfortable coming in with any of their dental needs, from preventive care to total smile restorations.
  • Our family atmosphere: We love helping you by providing dental services to your entire family. We offer gentle care for all, from the baby getting their first tooth to the most elderly of patients. We can even help your child as they age with the appropriate orthodontic option.
  • Dr. Sabharwal: Dr. Sabharwal has received extensive training from the University of Minnesota, the University of Tennessee, he also has lectured both in the local area and internationally on Advanced Dental Techniques. He is equipped to deal with even the most complicated oral health issues.

The reason most people fear root canals is due to a lack of knowledge. The tooth often is in severe pain from an infection prior to the root canal. A root canal is what can help take you from extreme pain to comfort and restored function. We encourage you to call us today to schedule your consultation to find out the best course of treatment to help you achieve outstanding oral health! [phone].