Examples of Emergency Treatments Available in Woodbridge, ON Dental Practice

Examples of Emergency Treatments Available in Woodbridge, ON Dental Practice

Emergency dental situations can happen at any time, and when they do, it is essential that patients get treatment as soon as possible. Emergency dental treatments in Woodbridge can be handled by Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal of West Vaughan Dental.

What is considered an example of a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a situation that may be painful or frightening. It may involve trauma to a tooth or soft tissue that needs immediate assistance. It is important to know the different between a dental emergency and a non-urgent situation, and to know when it is important to visit an emergency dentist or an emergency room. Certain situations do require immediate attention. Some examples of dental emergencies include:

  • A permanent tooth that is loose or knocked out
  • A toothache that is severely painful
  • Painful swelling that has occurred in the oral cavity
  • Bleeding that will not stop due to trauma or oral surgery
  • Trauma/injury to the jawbone or jaw joints
  • Broken/cracked tooth that is causing severe pain

Other situations that may arise, such as damaged night guards, retainers, or restorations may be able to wait until the following day to see a dentist. However, in the above situations, it is a good idea to make immediate contact with Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal and his team of professionals at the West Vaughan Dental in Woodbridge, ON.

When should I contact my dentist?

When a dental emergency arises, it is best to contact your dentist. If the dental office is unable to see you immediately, they may suggest visiting the emergency room for assistance. This is often done when patients are in unbearable pain, the dentist is unavailable for service, or if there is bleeding that cannot be stopped. However, the team at West Vaughan Dental will do their best to ensure patients get treatment as soon as possible at their office or are directed to a professional who can.

Home emergencies

Sometimes there are things patients can do at home before they visit the dentist to ease pain and remedy the situation until they are able to see their dentist. Patients must stay calm and pay attention to changes in their body that may indicate another issue has developed. For example, infections can present as swelling and pain without patients realizing the source. If a dental emergency is occurring, there are some things you can do in the meantime until you see the dentist.

  • If a tooth has been knocked out, put it in a glass of milk and bring it to the dental office.
  • If there is pain around a tooth, try to floss, as it may be caused by something stuck between the teeth or in the gum tissues.
  • If there is swelling, use a cold compress. This can also help for numbing any irritation that is causing discomfort.
  • Reduce swelling and relieve irritation by using a teaspoon of salt in warm water as a mouthwash.
  • Kill bacteria by washing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide.

How can I prevent dental emergencies?

dental emergency treatments woodbridge

If you have experienced a dental emergency and are interested in learning how to you can prevent further problems, it is best to visit a dentist at least twice a year to monitor oral health and wellness. This can lessen the chances of problems occurring between routine visits for cleanings and examinations. Patients should also ask for oral cancer screenings, and if they participate in high impact sports, discuss the benefits of using a mouthguard. Flossing and brushing after every meal can ensure a healthier smile, and patients should always avoid chewing or biting on hard objects and candies that can break natural teeth or restorations.

Make your appointment with West Vaughan Dental today!

Whether you are seeking emergency dental care for immediate treatment or are looking to work with a dentist and team for enhancing your smile, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with the team at West Vaughan Dental. Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal is here to help with general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as emergency situations that arise. Call the office at (905)-893-3368 and visit the practice at 5100 Rutherford Road, Suite 28 in Woodbridge, Ontario.


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