4 Things Not To Do After Teeth Whitening

4 Things Not To Do After Teeth Whitening

Recent studies on bright smile preferences revealed that most of us love to have dazzling white teeth. It is reported that people feel strong and powerful with a bright white smile. The survey reports showed that people feel more confident when their teeth are free from stains, be it nailing an interview, making new friends, or getting a hike at a job, the smile plays a key role.

Some people have bright hues naturally, the credit can be given to their oral hygiene routine or their genetics. Whereas, some people have yellow teeth that look worse with increased use of tobacco and certain food choices. Most adults believe that yellow teeth can impact their overall appearance and self-esteem. On the other hand, the hint of healthy teeth enhances their chance to succeed. The appearance of healthy and clean teeth can be achieved through teeth whitening procedures. 

How to get white teeth?

There are many choices to get a stain-free smile, you can buy at-home teeth whitening strips or try your luck with some natural teeth whitening. However, the most effective and widely preferred option is to opt for professional teeth whitening.

Baking soda teeth whitening is a popular remedy to naturally improve the hues and get up to 10 shades lighter teeth. Although, the abrasives in baking soda can harm the enamel and over time can adversely impact the health of your teeth and gum. Additionally, over-the-counter products are not equally effective on all kinds of stains. The remarkable overnight results that you expect can only be achieved with the help of a teeth whitening dentist. 

Skilled dentists use a laser technique to offer excellent results. People with dull, yellow, and stained teeth can enhance their smiles through professional solutions. Indeed it is the most convenient and the best way to whiten teeth.  

What is the cost of professional teeth whitening?


Within an hour or so, you can get rid of all those ugly brown, yellow, or weird stains from your teeth. The faster and more effective process may cost higher than those over-the-counter products, but the professional teeth whitening cost is surely worth it. The charges may vary based on what type of discolouration you have. After a profound evaluation of the extent of discolouration, the dentist can decide the right technique and products to enhance your smile. In-office treatments costs can vary from clinic to clinic, the average range to get a pearly white smile falls between $200 to $1000. 

Is teeth whitening suitable for people with sensitive teeth?

It is assumed that prolonged use of bleaching agents on the teeth can affect the strength and cause issues for those with sensitive teeth. So if you have sensitivity issues, then you need to make sure that the products applied from removing the discolouration do not require a longer application duration. Thanks to innovation, it is possible that people with sensitive teeth can also improve the shade of their teeth. The advanced laser teeth whitening procedure, fasten the process and the products are applied for a shorter duration safe enough for those with sensitivity issues. 

How to prolong the results of teeth whitening? 

With technological advancements, it has become possible to achieve remarkable results no matter how badly discoloured your teeth were. However, if you seek to hold a prolonged beautiful smile, you need to precisely maintain the same. To ensure long-lasting teeth whitening results, you can consider the suggestions given below.

Things to avoid after teeth whitening:

Professional teeth whitening procedures are surely worth it. Just a few simple steps can prolong the results. So be mindful about what you eat and avoid making expensive mistakes to quickly stain your teeth back.

Tobacco Products

The pearly white smile will be stained instantly if you chew tobacco or smoke. Simply avoid these or quit for a prolonged performance of bright white teeth. 

Coloured beverages

Drinks with strong colours are a strict no for freshly treated teeth enamel. The strong pigment of drinks can dull the appearance of your teeth. For longer-lasting results, it is advised to avoid drinking coffee, tea, juices, red wine, or sodas with strong artificial colours. If you can’t resist the urge to drink your favourite beverages use a straw to protect the enamel. 

Dark coloured foods

Just like coloured drinks can spoil your look, there are many foods that can also stain your teeth. For example, anything which can stain your shirt can stain your teeth, so avoid eating them. Foods that can cause instant stains on your teeth are red meat, pigmented food, chocolate, acidic fruits, and sauces. 

Coloured Dental products

In addition to the colours in your food and beverage, you may need to steer clear of pigments in your oral hygiene products. For instance, the toothpaste or the mouthwash you use should also be free from color. No one would love the idea of using a purple mouthwash to spoil the look of freshly whitened teeth. 

Foods to eat after teeth whitening

With a list of edibles to avoid, a question hits here – “Things to eat that do not discolour your teeth”. Certainly, there are several foodstuff and drinks that are recommended for the next two weeks after teeth whitening treatments. Those are white pasta, rice, yogurt, white wine, coconut milk, clear liquor, cereals, dry fruits, chickpeas, bananas, white chocolate, vanilla ice cream, tofu, and oatmeal.

Are You Still Confused With The Teeth Whitening Procedure?

The procedure of whitening the teeth is the easiest, quickest, and most convenient way to have a smile makeover. If you are interested in knowing more about the teeth whitening cost and the procedure involved then you can book an appointment at West Vaughan Dental. They are the specialists of cosmetic dentistry and trusted by thousands of patients to get pearly white smiles through the laser technique in Woodbridge, ON.


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