You Enjoy Many Benefits When You Visit Your Implant Dentist On Rutherford Rd.

You Enjoy Many Benefits When You Visit Your Implant Dentist On Rutherford Rd.

We have our teeth from a very early time in our life. Once we have lost our baby teeth, we expect adult teeth to last us a lifetime. After childhood, none of us really expect to lose a tooth – or several. However, statistics suggest that 6 percent of Canadians have lost all of their natural teeth. When we lose a permanent tooth, we must consider how it can be replaced, and we should do it quickly. Patients can explore their options with an experienced implant dentist at Sabharwal Dental Group on Rutherford Road.

Because dental implants mimic the natural anatomic structure of the mouth, a number of benefits stem from this treatment.

  • A healthy smile with attractive teeth is what we envision for our best self-image. People deserve to feel good about their smiles, not only those in high-profile roles. According to numerous studies, beautiful teeth prompt positive professional, social, and romantic experiences.
  • The smile is integral to a good self-image and a general sense of confidence and well-being for most people. This is projected in our relationships, and is then reflected back to us, fostering ongoing feelings of happiness.
  • There is a great deal of value in beauty. However, teeth are also functionally valuable! Without a healthy set of teeth, or a viable replacement, it can be difficult to chew efficiently. Dental implants restore the missing root, and lay the same stable foundation as natural teeth. The degree of functionality achieved with implants is so high that many patients say they cannot differentiate between their new teeth and their natural teeth.
  • Regardless of the extent of tooth loss, one tooth or several, oral health can suffer substantially. By restoring proper form, implants also eliminate gaps that may lead to an increased risk of decay or infection.

Dental implants are comfortable, effective, and they require no special care other than good oral hygiene. Restore your smile at Sabharwal Dental Group. Call (905) 893-3368.


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