Woodbridge, ON area dentist describes the purpose of root canals treatment

Woodbridge, ON area dentist describes the purpose of root canals treatment

At West Vaughan Dental in Woodbridge, ON, our dentist provides a wide selection of treatment options for patients to consider. Many are faced with root canals, or “endodontic treatment.” The purpose of this treatment is to save a natural tooth that may otherwise need to be extracted permanently. Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal and his team of professionals are focused on ensuring patients have access to the treatments they need for better oral health and wellness, and there are times when root canal therapy may be required to save a tooth.

What is root canal therapy?

The canals inside of the tooth house a very important element for teeth to thrive called the dental pulp. This is a mass of tissues that includes the blood supply and nerves. When infected, inflamed, diseased, or injured, patients may experience pain and discomfort that can result in a toothache. This can be extremely painful for individuals and requires immediate treatment with a procedure known as root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a treatment that helps patients achieve better oral health and wellness while maintaining the natural tooth structure. It removes the dental pulp from inside of the tooth and fills it with a material known as gutta percha. Gutta percha seals off the tooth and can keep it from becoming infected. Once this has been completed, then patients may need to have the top of the tooth sealed with composite resin bonding or with the placement of a dental crown. When completed, patients can avoid removing their tooth and can maintain their smile’s health and appearance.

What is the purpose of root canal therapy?

Beautiful young woman teeth The primary purpose of root canal therapy is to bring the tooth back to health and to avoid the extraction of the natural tooth. Extraction of natural teeth brings about alterative treatment that may be needed, including tooth replacement. This may be achieved with:

However, this is an added expense and many patients are uneasy about spending money to not only remove a tooth but replace it. Instead, root canal therapy provides an affordable alternative where the natural tooth remains in place but is protected. This eliminates the toothache that often brings patients into Sabharwal Dental Group for attention at the same time.

What is the alternative to root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy has no specific alternatives except for extraction of the natural tooth. Many patients choose not to do this as root canal treatment is often very successful.

Who is a candidate for root canal therapy?

All patients can benefit from root canal therapy. Patients with a healthy or unhealthy smile may find that this treatment is a wonderful option versus traditional removal of the natural tooth. This is the only other option for patients to consider, and not the most recommended one either unless the tooth is beyond repair. Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal encourages patients to book a consultation appointment with our team to find out if they are a candidate for root canal therapy or if removal is the only option. This is why it is so important for patients to maintain routine dental visits with their dentist—conditions such as these might be avoided with regular examinations as the dental office at least every six months. Small cavities can become larger and infect the dental pulp, requiring patients to get emergency dental care such as this which can be costly, time consuming, and painful. With routine evaluations, patients can rest easy knowing their smile is healthy and their preventative care stays affordable for them and their families.

Find out if root canal treatment is right for you!

root-canals-treatment-woodbridge-on-img3Contact Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal and his dedicated staff at Sabharwal Dental Group in Woodbridge, ON to learn more about this and many other dental solutions that can be used to achieve top oral health and wellness. Root canals are not the only treatment option for our patients who are faced with the possibility of tooth loss. Call the Vaughan Clinic at [phone] to book an appointment, or speak to our team about scheduling a visit at one of our other two locations in the Toronto, ON community, including our Toronto Clinic and our Renforth Clinic.