Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal in Woodbridge offers quality comprehensive care

Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal in Woodbridge offers quality comprehensive care

The Sabharwal Dental Group strives to make the patient experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. We are located in Woodbridge as well as Toronto, serving patients of all ages from young children to senior adults. We understand the importance of having all of your needs met under one roof. We have the skills, training, and expertise to transform smiles with both dental and orthodontic treatments. Misaligned teeth can be embarrassing and affect self-esteem. Fortunately, thanks to advances in dentistry and orthodontics, patients do not have to live with misalignment or decreased confidence when smiling.

Seeking treatment for misaligned teeth

We can correct misalignment with traditional braces or Invisalign. Depending on the extent of the misalignment, our dentist can recommend the best treatment. The first step is to schedule a consultation appointment with our dentist who will thoroughly examine the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, and bite. Traditional metal braces as well as Invisalign can treat malocclusion. However, when malocclusion is more severe, braces may be the better option.

For mild to moderate cases of malocclusion and misalignment, Invisalign may be ideal. Invisalign involves a series of clear aligners that are worn at least 22 hours a day. They can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. They are virtually unnoticeable, making them natural looking solutions for improving the smile.

Traditional metal braces treatment may last up to two to three years, whereas Invisalign typically is a 12 to 18-month treatment. The treatment lengths vary by individual needs of patients. After either treatment, we can provide a retainer to ensure the teeth do not shift. The retainer can be worn at night.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment include:

  • Restored health to the smile
  • Enhanced beauty to the smile
  • Improved bite
  • Straighter teeth
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved self-esteem

Whether it is a restorative treatment such as a crown or bridge or orthodontic procedure, the Sabharwal Dental Group can help you onto a path toward a healthier, more attractive, better functioning smile. To explore all of your options, call our Woodbridge office at (844) 432-0770 or Toronto office at (844) 818-0224 today to schedule a consultation appointment.



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