Dental Implants For Patients In Toronto Provide A Solid Tooth Replacement Solution

Dental Implants For Patients In Toronto Provide A Solid Tooth Replacement Solution

Though there are some exceptions, a dental implant is the ideal tooth replacement option. A patient who chooses a dental implant – or multiple implants for more than one tooth – will enjoy a solid and sturdy replacement that is trouble-free for many years, perhaps as long as his or her lifetime. Restoration with a dental implant provides a patient with a very natural and cosmetically appealing appearance as well. Patients residing in or around the Toronto or Woodbridge areas are encouraged to contact one of the three offices of Sabharwal Dental Group to schedule a personal consultation. Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal treats patients with compassion and experience throughout the dental implant process.

The term implant actually refers to the titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone, which is the first step of the procedure. This provides the foundation of the tooth replacement, functioning much like the root of a natural tooth. This post will fuse with bone over a period of weeks to months to provide stability for the visible part of the restoration to be added later, and to contribute to patient oral health through bone stimulation. Once the bone has fused to the implant, the dentist will then complete the process with either a crown, bridge, or denture, depending what is needed, to provide an attractive appearance and restore function.

A patient who chooses implants will not have to worry with the downsides associated with other replacement options. For example, implants to secure dentures eliminates slipping and irritation. Better bone retention due to bone stimulation by the implants also helps a patient retain a more youthful appearance to their facial structure that is not available to a traditional denture wearer. Oral care for dental implants is the same as for natural teeth – brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups.

To explore dental implants for your tooth replacement needs, call and schedule a consultation. Allow Dr. Sabharwal to make a personal assessment and to answer any questions regarding the in-office minor surgical procedure. Allow us to renew your overall dental health with dental implants; or we invite you to learn more about the other exceptional services we offer.


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