How a root canal treatment is done near Woodbridge, ON?

How a root canal treatment is done near Woodbridge, ON?

Root canals are treatments in which the infected tissue inside the tooth is removed. This procedure is used to save as much of the tooth structure as possible, and eliminate the infection. The dentist begins the procedure by removing the nerve and tissue of the tooth, and then cleans the area before sealing it off. If delayed, the iinfection can spread and form abscesses.

The root canal refers to the central chamber of the tooth, which houses the nerve. Whether or not a nerve is present in a tooth does not change the function of a tooth. Therefore, a tooth may independently exist without the support of a nerve. It serves a sensory function which helps differentiate between cold and hot. Choose an experienced dentist to achieve safe results for root canal near Woodbridge ON.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal can take up to two visits to the dentist to reach completion. A qualified dentist will be able to make the correct decision regarding the root canal based on the difficulty factor in the procedure.

This process begins with an X-ray which shows the damage to the root. The dentist assesses this data and then looks for further damage to the bone around the infected tooth. Though anesthesia may be used in the first sitting, once the nerve is dead, there is no need for it. However, dentists still use anesthesia to numb the area for the patient’s comfort.
A root canal can take up to two visits to the dentist to reach completion, said Dr. Sabharwal Vageesh.A rubber sheet is then placed near the tooth which keeps the area dry of saliva through the procedure. Then, a hole is drilled into the tooth to access the decaying tissue and its infected surrounding tissue. The dentist then cleans the debris out of the tooth.

Once the area has been cleaned out completely, the dentist seals the tooth. A rubber sealing agent is placed in the tooth. This rubber agent is an extract of gutta percha.

Once these steps are completed, the restoration of the dead tooth begins. The tooth that undergoes this procedure is already weakened and may not stand on its own. Therefore, a crown can placed on the tooth. This crown prevents the weak tooth from breaking or chipping during the due course of life, and allows the tooth to function perfectly.


Post-Treatment Recovery

Recovery from a root canal can take a few days. Here the tooth feels sensitive and some inflammation may be observed. This is because of the infection of tissue. Mild pain-killer medication may be prescribed to the patient by the dentist to help recover without discomfort. Normal eating habits can be resumed within one day.

Root Canal Success Rate

Dr. Sabharwal Vagees explains how to Prevention of Root Canals.

Over 95% of all root canals are successful, and it is advised that only a skilled and experienced dental practitioner be allowed to perform this procedure. Tooth restoration is now made easily accessible and minimally invasive. Tools used in dental procedures have been refined over time to be more precise without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue.

Root canal treatment can last for a long time once the tooth is restored and the crown is placed on the tooth. The key is to select a good dentist for the treatment of root canal near Woodbridge, ON.

Prevention of Root Canals

Tooth decay and excessive use of repeated dental procedures cause infection and inflammation of the tooth. This can be prevented by maintaining effective oral hygiene, including brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once every day. A dentist should be visited twice a year to clean and check the teeth. These steps can help ensure that the teeth do not get infected again.